Hair Removal

Hair Removal - Price from £25.00

Electrolysis is an effective, progressive method of Permanent Hair Removal. There are three methods of Electrolysis:- Diathermy, Galvanic and Blend.

All of these methods of Electrolysis result in permanent hair removal destroying the cells, allowing the follicle to shrivel and die, thus ensuring no regrowth is possible from the treated follicle.

I favour Diathermy for its speed and effectiveness overall.

Electrolysis offers a comfortable and effective treatment for all, regardless of hair colour or strength and is suitable for women, men and transgender clients of all ages.

However, I do prefer the ‘Diathermy’ method of Electrolysis. The results are noticeably faster due to its superior effectiveness. Also, the speed of diathermy, allows a larger area to be treated per session where necessary or reduced time per session. Areas such as under arm, tummy, bikini line etc. respond extremely well in a relatively short time, regardless of the colour or strength of the hair.

Regular Electrolysis treatments are necessary to achieve excellent results for Permanent Hiar Removel on all hair types and colour, on any part of the face and body, e.g. face, eyebrows, upper lip, chin, neck, ears, back of neck (ie. hairline,) underarm, bikini line, breast area, tummy, legs, hands, fingers, feet and toes.
Below shows the typical hair growth pattern resulting from PCOS. This is also treated extremely successfully.
Hair Removal

Transgender clients

Although the 'male' hairgrowth pattern is strong, all of the hairs, including white and auburn hair, often prevalent in the beard area, will respond successfully to Electrolysis with regular treatment.

I am experienced in treatingTransgender clients wishing to remove all facial hair.

Transgender Hair Removal

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