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My name is Sally Hutchings, I have specialised in Electrolysis since 1983.

Sally Hutchings

As well as expertise gained from over 39 years of Clinical Electrolysis Practice,  I also offer a range of beauty treatments and hair dressing in a relaxed, comfortable environment with complete confidentiality.

Sally Hutchings
B.C.A.A & I.T.E.C Qualified Guild member

I Provide full range of treatments for my customers, All Services.

38 Years of Clinical Electrolysis Practice

Beauty Clinic in High Wycombe
I have Specialised in Electrolysis since 1983.

Having tried and practiced various alternative methods of hair removal available with today’s new technology i.e. Laser and IPL, I strongly believe that the Needle method Electrolysis for Permanent Hair Removal remains by far superior in its efficiency, treating all hair types and colour equally.

Sterex Electrolysis Equipment and a New disposable Sterex Electrolysis Needle used for every client, every treatment.

I also offer Cryotherapy and Advanced Electrolysis treatments using techniques to treat Red Thread Veins, Blood Spots (Purpura), Spider Veins, Skin Tags, Milia Spots, Sun/Age spots, Warts and Verrucae.

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