March 2022

Electrolysis and Beauty Clinic  



The clinic continues to be extremely busy with existing clients at present. 

My daughter Charly has be working alongside me for the past 9 months at the Electrolysis and Beauty Clinic.  She has now had a complete change of life plan which means I will be losing her services in a few weeks time. She has taken a job with BA as cabin crew which is a great opportunity for her.

This does mean it is just myself carrying out treatments. 

Please feel free to make your enquiry via the 'enquiry form'.  I will continue to add names of those who wish, to the waiting list.  

However, I am able to continue to take on new clients for  Advanced Electrolysis treatments including the removal of Skin Tags, Thread Veins, Blood spots, Milia spots, Sun spots, warts and verrucae almost immediately, due to the fact they generally require only 1 or 2 treatments. (Unlike the hair removal, which requires regular treatments for which I have to be sure I have the time available to commit to regular bookings.) 

I would like to thank all my existing and new clients alike, for their full co-operation in all of the procedures, not least, arriving exactly on time for their appointment which ensures no-one is passing on the doorstep and allows me to clean thoroughly between clients.  These procedures will continue to be in place for the time being in order to keep us all as safe as possible.  

I will continue to post updates and send mailshots to all of my clients. If you would like to be added to my mailing list to be kept informed, please fill in the contact form and I will add your details to my data base.  Please also remember to add The Electrolysis and Beauty Clinic to your 'safe senders' list to ensure you receive any updates.


Guild Training International - 'Mindfulness coaching course' - completed March 2021

Although I do not intend to offer sessions as a stand alone service at present, I do feel I have gained new insight to enable me to improve my own wellbeing and to share with others, using and applying simple techniques throughout each and every day. 


Guild Training International Certificate for  -  'COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control' - completed May 2020


Having completed the above course I have put certain measures in place to keep us all as safe as possible. I have done a COVID-19 Risk Assessment. As a result, the following are some of the changes and procedures that are now in place:-

Changes made to Salon and treatment room:-

Waterproof pillow, plastic couch cover as well as continued use of disposable couch roll, of course. The pillow and couch will be sanitised between every client. New wooden seat provided which will also be sanitised after every client. I have removed as much from the shelves as possible as well as removing or covering all of the soft surfaces.

Daily sanitising and  cleaning procedures are also in place.

Although the government restrictions have been lifted, it makes sense to continue to safeguard as much as possible.  I want to protect all of my clients visiting the clinic as well as myself and my family.  This allows us all to get on with our lives with as little disruption as possible.  Thank you


The following steps for clients are required:-

The entrance gate will remain open.  Please arrive at your booked appointment time, not before.  Cleaning will be in progress.

On arrival, please continue to wear a mask. Hand washing will be compulsory.  I will be taking your temperature and ask you to sign in agreement to all requirements allowing entry to the clinic.

Clients will not touch any unnecessary surfaces.  Sanitiser is also provided for you to use at any time during or after your treatment.

Clients MUST NOT attend if:-

they, or anyone in their household are unwell with a raised temperature or persistent cough.

they have been in contact within the last 14days with anyone who has the above symptoms or has been tested positive for Covid-19

they, or anyone in their household is in quarantine

they or anyone in their household has had cause to have a Covid-19 test and are still waiting on test result


Thank you for you co-operation and understanding.

Keep well, stay safe.