Sun Spots & Age Spots - price on individual treatment from £45.00

Sun Spots
Sun Spots
Sun Spots
Over pigmentation caused by sun damage is very common often seen around the temples and on the face in general, backs of the hands, the back and chest area. These light brown over pigmented areas can be quickly and successfully treated, usually in just one treatment.

Cryotherapy rapidly and extremely precisely, freezes the skin lesion. A thin crust will form over the treated area, allowing new tissue to form underneath. When the crust naturally falls off (usually within a week), new pink skin will be clearly visible which will gradually re pigment blending in with the normal skin tone.

All of the above may be treated with either Cryotherapy or Advanced Electrolysis techniques. The most suitable option will be decided at your consultation.

Cryotherapy – priced on individual treatment from £45.00
Advanced Electrolysis – priced on individual treatment from £75.00 for up to 10mins

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