Advanced Electrolysis and Cryotherapy

For treatment of :-

Red Thread Veins (Telangiectasia), Blood Spots (Purpura) Spider Veins, Skin Tags, White Milia Spots, Pigmentation, Sun Spots, Age Spots, Warts and Verrucae.

Red Thread Veins - Price £75.00 for up to 10 mins treatment (Jan 2024)

Red Thread Viens
Red Thread Viens
Red Thread veins are permanently dilated capillaries. There are numerous causes for thread veins appearing, including aging - due to thinning of the skin, hereditary factors, smoking, pregnancy, skin trauma, extreme temperature changes, hormones and skin fragility. Red Thread veins will usually require only one treatment or several treatments when treating a larger area.

Red Thread Vein treatment is most successful on the face and upper body. However, Advanced Electrolysis Thread Vein Treatment will usually improve patches of broken capillaries often found on the legs and ankles too.

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