Sally Hutchings provides Electrolysis based Hair Removal and other Beauty Services in Booker High Wycombe

Sally Hutchings

B.C.A.A & I.T.E.C Qualified Guild member

Tel: 01494 639976

Mobile: 07919 052199


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Skin Tags

'Amazingly Welcoming & Professional '

Came today for electrolysis for skin tags.Sally was amazingly welcoming and professional. Treatment was very painless and quick. Highly recommend and will return I’m sure! Thanks so much x

Sarah - Stockenchurch July 2019

Milia Spots

Hi Sally, thank you so much for getting rid of my milia spots, lovely to touch my skin and no little bumps, just nice soft skin - thank you. Have a good week H.

Heather - High Wycombe  July 2019 

Advanced Electrolysis - Thread Veins     I've had two sessions of  thread vein treatment at the Electrolysis and Beauty clinic & it seems to have been very successful.   I'm so pleased to have found Sally & her wonderful beauty clinic. Sally is warm , friendly & very caring. She explained the treatment in depth and I felt so relaxed & calm, I'll definitely be going back for some other treatments in the near future.

Mel, High Wycombe July 2017

Electrolysis - hair removal     I have been using Sally for electrolysis treatment and have been very pleased with the results.  Sally is very professional, friendly and her standard are very high.  I am more than happy to reccomend her.

Chris,  High Wycombe

Treatment: Electrolysis - Hair removal March 2017

Electrolysis - Hair Removal     For a year, I had laser hair removal.  I wasted so much money as the hair never seemed to reduce.  When I started going to Sally and having electrolysis I saw instant results and now have hardly any hair at all.

Thank you  H. 

Treatment: Electrolysis - Hair removal January 2017

Electrolysis -Hair Removal     I have suffered with excessive facial hair for the many years and received IPL/laser treatment for the past 5 years.  The laser treatment did work in respect of lightening the hairs, but then wouldn’t touch the fair course hairs of which there is plenty.  I say ‘is plenty’.  This should now be changed to ‘was plenty’.  Have been visiting Sally for the past 6 months and have already noticed a massive improvement.  Times between appointments is becoming longer with less to work on.  Major boost to confidence.  Sally’s approach is calm, friendly and confidential.  Totally recommended.  S.

S  - Hair removal February 2017

Electrolysis - Hair removal

I have been going to Sally Hutchings for electrolysis (facial hair removal) for over three years. Of course it's not painless but Sally is great and she knows what she's doing. The salon is clean and the service is friendly, efficient and good value. She is very flexible about appointment times. Above all, the treatment is effective so my visits are getting much less frequent. (Five star rating)

Jean, High Wycombe  March 2106

Advanced Electrolysis - Skin tag removal     : I saw Sally for the first time for removal of skin tags. I was not really sure what to expect. Sally assured me of treatment and what it would feel like. All went very well and I now have lovely clear skin. I would definately recommend Sally. Thank you so much

Susan  - High Wycombe  March 2016

Electrolysis - Hair Removal     Hi. My name is Melissa and I am transgender. I have been seeing Sally since late 2013. I always look forward to seeing Sally. She always greets me with a smile, and I always feel welcome. While maintaining a high professional standard, she cleverly intergrates friendly conversation in a very relaxed environment. I will honestly miss my appointments - might have to consider getting more work done, just so we can have our chats :) As a transgender, I often get anxious. If your reading this and you are trans, you understand what it feels like. But with Sally, it all goes away. She feels like a friend. In fact I wish she was. I have been to Sally for electrolysis. And also have had my hair cut by her on a few occasions. So with that in mind, I'd recommend her, and have been doing so.

Transgender for full facial electrolysis: December 2015

Electrolysis - Hair removal     I've been having electrolysis treatment on my eyebrows since the Summer and it's completely changed my beauty routine and saves me heaps of time! Sally makes the process very easy and it's great value for money, I only wish I'd done it earlier!!'

From a new client in High Wycombe: Summer 2015   

Electrolysis - Hair removal     I am writing in support of Sally's electrolysis service.Sally is a professional practitioner and extremely competent in her work.She works hard to ensure that the client is relaxed and comfortable and the result gives complete satisfaction in the process I am delighted she was recommended to me.

Treatment: Electrolysis - Hair Removal: May 2015

Electrolysis - Hair removal     I have been going to sally for electrolysis for a few months now and couldn't be happier. I was nervous in the beginning but Sally made me feel so comfortable. I noticed a difference in my hair growth after the first treatment. It's not pain free but I would definitely recommend it as it's working amazing for me. Sally knows exactly what she's doing and her beauty clinic is really nice and clean. After weeks of searching I am glad I came across her website otherwise I would still be suffering with unwanted hair growth. Thanks
Farrah Maidenhead   May 2015
Electrolysis - Hair removal     I added the following comment to Yell :) Lorraine
Sally's electrolysis service is absolutely excellent, the results are fantastic, it is definitely confidence boosting to know that this hair problem is solved. Before I knew about Sally I attended a different clinic and there is no comparison, Sally deals with many, many more hairs in the allotted time, and with her professional and friendly approach the whole experience is very positive and relaxed.

Testimonial received from client: July 2014

Electrolysis - Hair removal     Hi Sally Just wanted to tell you that I'm really pleased with the electrolysis that you did for me yesterday, it looks better already, I can't believe it!!. Thanks. Did forget to ask about red thingy near my eye, but will talk to you about that next time I see you. Thanks again Lorraine

Testimonial received from client June 2014

Advanced Electrolysis - Thread veins     Amazing     5/5    I have been so pleased with Sally, especially the tread vein treatment that she offers. I now can see my complexion not a red nose!

Debbie - High Wycombe   June 2014

Electrolysis - Hair removal     I saw Sally for the first time for removal of skin tags. I was not really sure what to expect. Sally assured me of treatment and what it would feel like. All went very well and I now have lovely clear skin. I would definately recommend Sally. Thank you so much. Susan.

Testimonial received from client: May 2014

Electrolysis - Thread Veins     Amazing 5/5. I have been so pleased with Sally, especially the tread vein treatment that she offers. I now can see my complexion not a red nose! Debbie

Testimonial received from client: May 2014

Electrolysis - Hair removal     Hi, just wanted to say how wonderful Sally was with regard to my treatment. Not only is she very professional but she is friendly and puts you at ease. Would gladly use her services again and recommend her to friends.

Testimonial received from client: October 2012

Electrolysis - Hair removal     Sally, I have had electrolysis with several practitioners over a period of 36 years and you are the only with with whom I never get spots after my treatment and the only one who has finally got rid of ALL my dark tough hairs. It has only taken a few months of coming once a month, too. Thank you. It can't be desribed as a pleasure but I love your calm room and the lovely music! TP.

Testimonial received from client: October 2012

Electrolysis - Hair removal     Dear Sally! As I told You before, my husband wanted to move to Durham, where he was born. And we have moved recently. But both our daughters live in London. So we will be coming to London at least once a year. Please, keep my records. I was very happy with your service. I hope to see You again. Best regards.

Testimonial received from client: 2012

Electrolysis - Hair removal     Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for always providing an excellent service, I always enjoy coming to see you for my treatments. I have had hair colour and cut, electrolysis and pedicures. Always a professional service and we have alot of laughs as well. Thank you for making my experience always enjoyable and I feel pampered and well looked after, especially when you take the blanket out for me! :-) Thank you. I would recommend you to anyone as you always put me at ease and I feel I have nothing to be embarrassed about.

Testimonial received from client: June 2012

Electrolysis - Millia Spots    Hi Sally been. Meaning to email and say thank you so much for getting rid of my Milia spots, so pleased they have gone. Hollie's skin tag is fine as well. Thanks again Best wishes

Testimonial received from client: June 2012

Electrolysis - Hair removal       Sally provides a professional and caring service. Her electrolysis treatments are most effective in zapping unwanted hair and are relatively pain-free. The facials she gives transport you to heaven and back and leave your skin feeling like silk. Other treatments I would recommend include eyelash tinting and eyebrow sculpting. At all times Sally makes you feel at ease in her lovely treatment room, the atmosphere she creates is akin to that in very prestigious spas, but the treatments are much more affordable. Her loyal customer base is testament of her expertise and lovely personality. L.H. Berkshire

Testimonial received from client: January 2012

Happy New Year. I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and New Year and actually got a break.
Electrolysis - Hair removal     I wanted to thank you for your support and understanding throughout all the time I have known you. I always enjoyed my electrolysis sessions with you even if it did hurt!! I was always treated as an individual and looked after throughout my sessions. You were always willing to accommodate changes and understood if I got delayed with traffic. I really appreciated all of that. The treatments themselves were always done professionally and in a respectful manner.

I always admired that you were willing to learn more and develop your techniques even though you already had so much experience and would take the time and effort to learn properly to perform any treatments safely and with extreme proficiency and competency.

Please consider this as my testimonial and use it for your website or feedback areas.

Many thanks and wishing you every success with your business and with your children (I hope they are both well and continuing to be successful and happy).

Take care.