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January 2019

Cryotherapy Treatment

for 'Sun spots, Warts and Verrucas' now available

The  'Cryopen' treats various skin conditions.  Primarily I will be using  Cryotherapy to treat  'over-pigmentation', also know as sun spots or age spots.   These are generally flat, light/medium brown patches that are  commonly on the face, chest area, backs of the hands, shoulders and legs, but can appear anywhere on the body, due to over exposure to the sun. 

​The Cryotherapy treatment rapidly and precisely freezes the skin lesion with minimal discomfort.  A thin crust will form over the treated area, allowing new tissue to form underneath.  When the crust naturally falls off, new pink skin will be clearly visible. The area simply needs to be protected from the sun as it repigments, bringing the treated area to your normal skin tone.

I also treat Cherry Angioma, more commonly referred to as 'Blood spots, Thread veins, Skin tags, Milia, and Warts'.  I have sucessfully treated these skin lesions for many years using Advanced  Electrolysis.  Some of the above may also be treated with Cryotherapy.  Depending on the location, size and depth of the lesion will dictate the best method of treatment.  

Cryotherapy starts at:

£20.00 for 1 sun spot up to 5mm diameter 

£35.00 for 2  "        "                    "           "

£45.00 for 3    "      "                    "            "

£50.00 for 4    "      "                    "            "

£55.00 for 5      "      "               "           "

 Advanced Electrolysis treatments  

​£40.00 for up to 1omins Treatment 

(Several Skin tags, Blood spots, Thread veins, Milia or Warts - or a combination of these, depending on the size of each lesion- may be treated in 10 mins).

​Please call to book your consultation and treatment.

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